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Habari - Volunteering and Touring Africa

We help you in Africa Volunteer Placement

Volunteering/Internship opportunities.

  • -Orphanage volunteering.
  • Teaching in Primary and High school.
  • Sports volunteering.
  • Group/Medical Volunteer.
  • Cultural conservation
  • Community work volunteering
  • Social work Volunteering
  • Construction volunteering.
  • HIV Aids projects volunteering.
  • Micro finance volunteering.

  • Guaranteed to provide with the best priced wildlife programs.
  • Volunteers will pay fee directly to the project.
  • Hands on experience in conservation activities.
  • Local cultural immersion, travel, and experience of life time.

The Wildlife Project will be a treat for animal lovers and aspiring conservationists as volunteering in this project will enable them to get up close to the wilderness of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. HABARI - Volunteering & Touring Africa offers volunteering opportunity in wildlife sanctuaries, where volunteers will help around in daily activities and field activities of the sanctuaries. The volunteers will get to immerse into real conservation efforts and will get close to wildlife in their most natural states.


Weeks US $ Dollars

2 weeks US$ 1,099

3 Weeks US$ 1,299

4 Weeks US$ 1,499

Register as a volunteer by downloading, filling and sending the registration form. The registration form can be found here.

Click here to download the registration form

Pay Registration & Program Fees

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